About BirdScience.net

The initiator of this platform is the Konrad Lorenz Research Station for Behaviour and Cognition, a Core Facility of the University of Vienna (Grünau im Almtal, Austria). Our main research models are greylag geese, northern bald ibises and common ravens. The birds are free flying and individually marked with coloured leg rings or wing tags. We are interested in the mechanisms of social life.

At the moment there are three different possible ways to join our research. One research question is which behavioural patterns influence the breeding success of our model organisms. Via NestCams you are able to participate worldwide by coding the videos from the nests of greylag geese and northern bald ibises. The app "Forschen im Almtal" is locally restricted to the Cumberland Game Park in Grünau and enables behavioural observations and sightings of the individually marked birds. Last but not least you can help us investigating the ecological aspects of habitat selection in ther northern bald ibis, an endangered avian species, by spotting sightings of this bird and collecting ecological characterists of the visited areas. The app WaldrApp can be used wherever you see an individual in the wild, especially in Upper Austria, in the area around Grünau im Almtal and Molln.