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Welcome to BirdScience.net!

Welcome to BirdScience.net, a new hub for interactive Citizen Science projects in the field of ornithology and avian research. You can find several possibilities to participate as a citizen scientist in research projects both on a local as well as international level. You can actively participate on the website under "Participate now" or browse the project directory, where we will collect interactive avian research projects from around the world. We will further extend the website during its runtime, so please be sure to check back once in a while. Thank you very much for supporting science.

The initiator of this platform is the Konrad Lorenz Reserach Station, a Core Facility for Behaviour and Cognition of the University of Vienna (Grünau im Almtal, Austria). Our main research models are greylag geese, northern bald ibises and common ravens.

Your BirdScience.net team